Freedom Hills Wildlife Management Area Walking Trail

Freedom Hills Wildlife Management Area/Credit: ADCNR Photos

The walking trail at Freedom Hills Wildlife Management Area (Site #13, Northwest Loop) is one of numerous gravel and dirt hunter access roads on the 34,500 acre WMA, which leads visitors into a variety of productive habitats ranging from old fields to …

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Leighton Ponds

North Alabama, Northwest Loop | Colbert | Best Seasons:
Least Sandpipers/Credit: USFWS

The Leighton ponds (Site #5, Northwest Loop) sites are a series of sinkholes and semi-flooded agricultural fields that are excellent for waders and shorebirds. Scan the muddier areas for resident Killdeer alongside migrants such as Semipalmated Plovers …

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Natchez Trace Parkway – Colbert Ferry

Natchez Trace

Colbert Ferry  (Site #12, Northwest Loop) provides access to a number of wooded habitats, including a beaver pond with lots of standing dead timber. Check this area for Red-headed and other woodpeckers. Closer to the shore, search the trees for White-b …

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Tennessee Valley Authority Reservation

Wood Thrush/Credit: Dan Sudia/USFWS

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Reservation (Site #8, Northwest Loop) hosts a number of walking trails that meander through woodlands, fields, and along the Tennessee River. The Tennessee Valley Authority Reservation is one of the few reliable are …

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Town Creek Marsh

Virginia Rail/Credit: Dave Menke/USFWS

Town Creek Marsh (Site #4, Northwest Loop) is a small marsh in the bend of Fosters Mill Road overlooking Town Creek. It is an excellent place to see rails feeding on the mudflats during appropriate times of year. The marsh also supports a variety of wa …

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Wilson Dam Visitor Center


Wilson Dam and Visitor Center (Site #6, Northwest Loop) is where the Tennessee Vally Authority’s hydroelectric dam impounds the 15,500-acre Wilson Reservoir. This was the first dam constructed on the Tennessee River in Alabama. Construction began on th …

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