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Chickasaw State Park consists of 520+ acres, of which several acres are open mature mixed pine-oak woodland. The majority of the Park has been converted into the Turnipseed-Ikenberry Physically Disabled Hunting Area, all of which is on the west side of US-43. Entry into that acreage requires prior registration with the Wildlife Office in Demopolis. For reasons of logistics and safety, birding in and around that area is to be avoided.

Enter the Park by turning east from US-43 and use the gravel loop road to navigate. The mature trees and open canopy afford good looks at migrant, resident and wintering songbirds year-round except in the oppressive heat of summer. Expect to find the customary birds of southeastern city parks and suburbs–with the addition of resident Northern Flickers and the Wild Turkeys and Bobwhites that wander through when the park is quiet. Winter brings mixed-species foraging flocks to the tall trees, and Slate-colored Juncos, Chipping and White-throated Sparrows on the lawn below. There is a beltline of dense all-age mixed woods skirting the developed part of the park.

This is the part that often boasts the most numerous and most interesting birdife. White-eyed Vireos and Indigo Buntings abound in the warm months, Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Palm Warblers in the cooler ones. You can find a variety of warblers, vireos, and woodpeckers much of the time. If you’re near Chickasaw State Park, an hour may be time well spent, particularly in spring and fall migration. It is worth investigating when traveling in the area along US-43 or AL-69. Chickasaw State Park offers picnic pavilions, restrooms, a playground, a wading pool and a handful of camper slips.

Directions: From the intersection of US-80 and US-43 in Demopolis (food, fuel, lodging available), follow US-43 south for approximately 10.5 miles. The entrance to the park is on the left (east) side of the highway.

GPS N 32.361897 W -87.779475

Chickasaw State Park
26955 U.S. Hwy. 43
Gallion, AL 36742

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