Gorham’s Bluff / Coon Gulf

North Alabama, Northeast Loop | Jackson | Best Seasons: Fall, Winter

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Gorham’s Bluff (Site #45, Northeast Loop), a planned community, rises on the southern side of Raccoon Creek, a very scenic arm of Guntersville Reservoir.  The Bluff provides an incredible vista of the creek and the surrounding area, as well as exemplifying how the Tennessee River has cut through the Cumberland Plateau over millennia. Birds to look for in the area include Bald Eagles, which nest nearby. Other raptors can be seen soaring in the air currents along the bluff. On the northern side, explore areas within the valley by boat so you can visit the numerous small bays and inlets in the area. Waterfowl can be numerous in winter, and Canada Geese and Wood Ducks both nest along the creek. Quiet exploration by boat could lead to close encounters with Green Herons, Great Egrets, and other wildlife.

GPS: N 34.7350, W 85.8347

Fee: Free

Amenities: Parking, Information, Viewing Area, Cabins/Lodge, Restrooms

Contact Info:
Gorham’s Bluff
101 Gorham’s Drive
Pisgah, AL 35765-6891
(256) 451-8439



From Scottsboro at the junction of US Highway 72 and AL Highway 35, take Highway 35 south for 3.2 miles until just across the Tennessee River. Turn left (east) onto AL Highway 40 and go 6.8 miles to a four-way stop. Turn left onto AL Highway 71 and go north for 2.3 miles. Turn left onto CR 58 and go 5.5 miles. Turn left onto CR 357 and go 1.2 miles. Turn left on CR 457 and drive 0.8 miles. Turn right into the Gorham's Bluff community and follow the signs to the lodge.


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