Talladega Mountains Natural Resource Center

Appalachian Highlands | Cleburne | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring

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The Talladega Mountains Natural Resource Center (a partnership between Jacksonville State University, the Cleburne County Commission and the Talladega National Forest) opened in November, 2012. The Mountain Center houses the JSU Field Schools and acts as a small visitor center to “the highest concentration of nationally protected natural areas” in the country. There is a short, 1/2 mile loop trail that provides easy access for woodland birds. The location itself offers some good birding on a very limited footprint. It can provide a good gateway for discovering other nearby locations as well, particularly those located in the Talladega National Forest, Cheaha State Park, Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge and Dugger Mountain Wilderness.

GPS: 33.6691225 -85.5612527

Talladega Mountains Natural Resource Center

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