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Wheeler NWR – Cave Springs

The Cave Springs Cave (Site # 31, Central Loop)  has been popular for thousands of years. The combination of shelter, fresh water, and abundant food has attracted humans and other wildlife to its safety. The cave’s current residents include several tho …

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Wheeler NWR – Dancy Bottoms Nature Trail

Dancy Bottoms ( Site #33, Central Loop) is an excellent area  in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge to visit during spring migration when dozens of warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, orioles, and grosbeaks fill the trees. The area is also good for …

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Wheeler NWR – White Springs Dike

White Springs Dike (Site #20, Central Loop) on Wheeler NWR is one of the premier birding sites of the Tennessee River Valley in Alabama. The dike runs between a de-watering area on the north side and the Tennessee River on the south. Intrepid birders c …

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Wilson Dam Visitor Center

Wilson Dam and Visitor Center (Site #6, Northwest Loop) is where the Tennessee Vally Authority’s hydroelectric dam impounds the 15,500-acre Wilson Reservoir. This was the first dam constructed on the Tennessee River in Alabama. Construction began on th …

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Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station

Central Loop, North Alabama | Madison | Best Seasons:

Alabama A&M’s Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station (Site #27, Central Loop) consists of  900 acres of grasslands and agricultural fields, providing a rare area of open country filled with native birds. Bird the area by making frequent stops …

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