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Omussee Creek Park and West Bank Recreation Area

Wiregrass | Houston | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring

These two riverfront parks offer nesting Anhingas, Common Moorhens, Mississippi Kites, and multiple wetland-loving songbirds. Omussee Creek and the West Bank Dam Recreation Area make a very fine half-day jaunt and couple well with Chattahoochee State Park, just 20 minutes south along AL 95.

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Pike County Public Fishing Lake

Wiregrass | Pike | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter

The 45-acre Pike County Public Fishing Lake is quiet and peaceful, with low levels of noise and disturbance to the lake and its encircling woods. There is a wooden fishing pier on the lake’s north bank that seems to be in good repair and what remains of a picnic area on the clay banks above the pier.

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Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center

The Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center in the Conecuh National Forest is operated by Auburn University and hosts classes and conducts research projects throughout the year. The 5,300-acre tract offers a tremendous diversity of plants, many of which provide food and cover for birds.This is an excellent birding site. There are multitudes of pinewoods birds, including numerous Bachman’s Sparrows, and good numbers of wetland birds. Swallow-tailed Kites breed nearby. Visitors should make it a point to call ahead (334-222-7779) or stop by the HQ to secure permission before venturing out onto the acreage.

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Walter F. George Dam

Wiregrass | Henry | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter

The Walter F. George Lock and Dam is a vast reservation offering a sampler of southeast Alabama birding habitats at several different locations. There is the Lock and Dam complex at the Georgia state line, with deep water for winter birds and a sod farm next door for shorebirds – the best such site in the Wiregrass region. Then there are four additional recreation areas, all open woods with water frontage, for woodland songbirds and a few waders. Add in the farm and field habitat along the drive from Eufaula and this adds up to over 25 miles of interesting and diverse birding through 3+ seasons.

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Wehle Forever Wild Tract

Wiregrass | Bullock | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

The Wehle Forever Wild Tract offers excellent bird diversity with over 170 species currently documented on the property. Two hiking trail loops provides easy access to multiple habitats including fire-maintained open pine-grassland savanna, a forested pond, and expansive bottomland hardwood forest corridors along a creek floodplain.

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Yoholo Micco Trail

Wiregrass | Barbour | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter
Yoholo Micco Eufaula

Yoholo Micco Trail covers some 3.2 miles through grassy meadows, mixed woodlands, past a (hidden) waterfall, across a former railroad bridge skirting the shoreline of Lake Eufaula, then through a residential section of the historic City of Eufaula, before terminating at Old Creek Town Park. This The paved, level trail incorporates most of the habitat types found in the Eufaula area. You can see a broad variety of species along the path, and it is probably the best location in the area to spot migrants in spring and fall. Winter birds are also plentiful. The most interesting species may be the nesting pairs of Bald Eagles and Ospreys.

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