Welcome to Alabama’s Birding Trails

With 270 sites covering Alabama from the mountains to the gulf, the Alabama Birding Trails provide a roadmap of the best public lands to watch the birds. Over 430 different bird species have been spotted in Alabama. Come see what you can find! Get out and explore!

Cherokee Rock Village - 28

Appalachian Highlands

35 sites in 9 counties along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains provide access to rivers, streams & our largest city.
Foscue Creek Park - 2

Black Belt

32 sites stretch along a narrow swath of 11 counties across the south-central part of Alabama's rural farm country.
Dauphin Island Airport Marsh - 7


50 sites in two counties along the Gulf of Mexico, the trail features 6 driving loops with access to marsh, fields and beachfront views.

North Alabama

50 sites in 12 counties across North Alabama, ranging from tupelo swamps to blazing fields of wildflowers.
Cheaha SP - Lake Cheaha Picnic Area - 1-1

Piedmont Plateau

34 sites across 9 counties in Alabama's east-central region, locations vary from the highest point to the largest lake.

Piney Woods

Southwestern Alabama's 22 sites in 5 counties provide access to the regions myriad waterways and farmland.
Moundville - 8

West Alabama

28 sites  in 9 counties in West Alabama, you'll find lakes, deep forests and free-flowing rivers, all filled with a variety of birds.
Dothan BG - 14


Nestled in southeastern Alabama, this ten county area with 20 sites spans national forests, refuges & state and local parks.

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