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Alligator Creek Nature Trail

Alligator Creek Nature Trail, in 27-acre Alligator Creek Park, traverses a large forested area of mixed hardwood and pine with substantial understory.  The trail, 1 mile in length, offers a boardwalk that hovers over swampy, grassy and bog-like areas, …

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Chambers County Public Fishing Lake

Chambers County Lake, one of the prettiest public fishing lakes in Alabama, is a 183-acre lake worth surveying for waders, waterfowl, swallows, Ospreys, and Bald Eagles.  Within the woods around Chambers County Lake, there is habitat for Prairie Warble …

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The Parks of West Point Dam

Piedmont Plateau | Chambers | Best Seasons: Winter

The Parks of West Point Dam are strategically positioned to offer a variety of locations for enjoying the rich birding opportunities around the dam. The various parks also offer panoramic views of the lake, notable for winter gulls and terns. The woods surrounding the Lake are rather open, mostly mature pine and mixed oak, with a good variety of songbirds and raptors. The major attraction here is panoramic views of the lake, notable for winter gulls and terns. Look for loons and other waterfowl in colder months, swallows and Purple Martins in the warmer ones. Bald Eagles and Osprey nest in the vicinity. A good spot for rarities, including Great Cormorant, watch the easy-to-see gulls carefully, as numerous unusual gulls can be present along with the more common varieties.

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