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Hays Nature Preserve

The Hays Nature Preserve  (Site #30, Central Loop) hosts several miles of paved trails that follow the Flint River and its associated oxbow lakes through low riparian habitat, old fields, and a golf course.  There are a total of 10 miles of trails that …

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Madison County Public Lake

Madison County Public Lake (Site # 28, Central Loop) is best known for its fishing, but it also serves as an excellent introduction to northern Alabama’s birdlife. Scan the lake for wintering waterfowl or perhaps a family of resident Canada Geese and t …

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Monte Sano State Park

Monte Sano State Park  (Site #29, Northeast Loop) sits atop a remnant ridge of the Cumberland Plateau, giving a fantastic view of the surrounding valleys and plateaus that cover northeastern Alabama. These islands in the sky are covered in thick hardwo …

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Wheeler NWR – Blackwell Swamp

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge’s Blackwell Swamp’s flooded woodland and marsh (Site # 26, Central Loop)  can be explored by car, on foot, or by canoe. This extensive area hosts a variety of wetland species including Great Blue and Green herons and Gr …

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Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station

Central Loop, North Alabama | Madison | Best Seasons:

Alabama A&M’s Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station (Site #27, Central Loop) consists of  900 acres of grasslands and agricultural fields, providing a rare area of open country filled with native birds. Bird the area by making frequent stops …

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