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Confederate Memorial Park

Confederate Memorial Park is a little-known jewel. The upper portion of the park features open understory and mature canopy trees — outstanding for flycatchers, woodpeckers, bluebirds, warblers, and vireos. The cemetery area affords open views of sky for soaring birds. Walk the nature trail; it is bird-rich. The area near the cistern is an outstanding location for Swainson’s Warblers and Acadian Flycatchers.

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Maplesville City Park

Piedmont Plateau | Chilton | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring

Maplesville City Park offers forty acres of mixed hardwood & pine, with two athletic fields.  A paved,  1/3 mile walking trail and several additional unpaved pathways provide opportunities to bird the woodlands, including several creeks that inters …

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Minooka Park

Minooka Park, located in Jemison, AL, features over 400 acres.  Although the park is primarily an off- highway vehicle park there is also an 7 acre lake surrounded by a walking trail and piers.  Pavilions and restroom facilities are available.  An RV c …

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