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Chapman’s Creek

Piedmont Plateau | Coosa | Best Seasons:
Summer Tanager, a bird you may find at Chapmans Creek

Chapmans Creek is a quiet, remote public use area on scenic Lake Martin offering primitive camping, a picnic area, and a boat ramp.  This is a serene birding stop characterized by mature mid- and upper-story habitat with a well-developed shrub layer, b …

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Coosa WMA Double Bridges

The Coosa WMA (Wildlife Management Area) offers outstanding birding opportunities.  The Double Bridges location is on Hatchet Creek at Lake Mitchell, and offers access to a trail that is currently approx. 11.0 miles long for a 22.0 mile hike in and out …

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Flagg Mountain

Piedmont Plateau | Coosa | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring

At 1,152′ Flagg Mountain is one of the southernmost mountains along the eastern seaboard above 1,000′. It’s the symbolic southern terminus of the Appalachian Mountain Trail, stretching north to Cap Gaspe’, Quebec, Canada, and even further north across …

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