Chattahoochee State Park

Wiregrass | Houston | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Chattahoochee SP - 36

Chattahoochee State Park, located on the Alabama/Florida line, contains a lake, a swamp, and several other wetland areas. There is excellent birding all year, with breeding Anhingas, Purple Gallinules, Common Moorhens, Least Bitterns, King Rails, Mississippi and Swallowtail Kites, and many wetland songbirds. Wintering birds are numerous. Waders are common all year.

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Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Wiregrass | Houston | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter
Dothan BG - 14

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens offers 50 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers in a variety of habitats. Paved paths pass through manicured lawns, a rose garden, open pine woods, mixed hardwoods, and small ponds. The gardens are easy to bird, with excellent access, and very good sight lines in most areas. This is one of the best locations in the immediate Dothan area to see spring and fall migrants, and should attract numbers of wintering songbirds.

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Landmark Park

Wiregrass | Houston | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter
Landmark Park - 30

Landmark Park is a 135-acre park built to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of southeast Alabama’s Wiregrass Region. For nature-lovers, walks around the elevated boardwalk and nature trails, planetarium shows, and wildlife exhibits offer ways to explore science and nature. Birding opportunities can be found throughout the park, which has three major sections: the upland farm and village section, a middle ground that contains upland hardwood forest with multiple walking trails, and a lowland section that features an elevated boardwalk around a wetland and through a heavily wooded bottomland.

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Omussee Creek Park and West Bank Recreation Area

Wiregrass | Houston | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring
Omussee Creek Park - 18

These two riverfront parks offer nesting Anhingas, Common Moorhens, Mississippi Kites, and multiple wetland-loving songbirds. Omussee Creek and the West Bank Dam Recreation Area make a very fine half-day jaunt and couple well with Chattahoochee State Park, just 20 minutes south along AL 95.

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