BP-Amoco Environmental Trail

Red-wing Blackbird/Credit: Lee Karney/USFWS

 The BP-Amoco Environmental Trail  (Site #18, Central Loop) is situated  the middle of the extensive agricultural fields that lie just west of Decatur. BP-Amoco has preserved this corner of prime woodland and marsh habitat for waterfowl and possibly ra …

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Mallard Fox Creek Wildlife Management Area

Wood Duck/Credit: Paul Franklin

The 1,483-acre Mallard Fox Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) (Site # 1, Northwest Loop) along the southern shore of Wheeler Lake provides access to a number of habitats, including grasslands, agricultural fields, wildlife openings, and hardwood fore …

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Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center


Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge’s (NWR’s) showpiece Visitor Center (Site #16, Central Loop) serves as the gateway to the North Alabama Birding Trail. The Visitor Center hosts a series of interpretive exhibits that explain the refuge’s numerous residen …

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Wheeler NWR – Cave Springs

Red-bellied Woodpecker/Credit: Dr. Thomas G. Barnes/USFWS

The Cave Springs Cave (Site # 31, Central Loop)  has been popular for thousands of years. The combination of shelter, fresh water, and abundant food has attracted humans and other wildlife to its safety. The cave’s current residents include several tho …

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Wheeler NWR – Dancy Bottoms Nature Trail

Wood Thrush/Credit: Walt Burch

Dancy Bottoms ( Site #33, Central Loop) is an excellent area  in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge to visit during spring migration when dozens of warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, orioles, and grosbeaks fill the trees. The area is also good for …

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