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Alabama Coastal BirdFest
Come let us show you the wild and beautiful Alabama Coast and join us for some spectacular birding and a wonderful time. Explore the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, experience great Southern hospitality, children’s activities, evening keynote lectures, guided field trips and great food.

The Alabama Coastal BirdFest coincides with the annual fall migration of many birds from North America to Central and South America. Coastal Alabama is a critical stopover point during this migration. There is something for all birders—from beginners to experts. Every trip features a very special facet of the beautiful Alabama Coastal Birding Trail.

Hummer-Bird Study Group, Inc.
The Hummer/Bird Study Group, a volunteer organization with a passion for birds and the preservation of their habitat, visit historic Fort Morgan in April and October to present bands to birds. Come watch as the HBSG capture, retrieve, weigh, measure, band and release these migrating winged travelers. The population levels, general health of the birds and effects of the weather on bird migration are also studied in this educational/research program.

Click to download a copy of the Alabama Gulf Coast Birding Checklist.

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