Eastern Kingbird

photo by Paul H. Franklin

In Alabama during: Spring | Summer

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tyrannus tyrannus

STATUS: Breeder. Common in spring, summer, and fall in all regions. Low Conservation Concern.

DESCRIPTION: The Eastern kingbird is a medium- sized songbird that is dark black to grey-black on the head and back with white coloration on the throat, chest, and belly. The tail of the eastern kingbird is dark colored with a white terminal band. Though rarely visible, eastern kingbirds have a red crown patch on the head. Adult sexes are similar in plumage. Juvenile kingbirds are brownish-grey above, with darker colored under parts than adults. Long crown feathers and an upright posture give the eastern kingbird a distinct silhouette. Overall size ranges from seven to nine inches with a 13-15 inch wingspan. Overall weight ranges from one to two ounces.

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