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Bladon Springs State Park’s well maintained 357 acres are comprised of both hardwood forest and open pine woods. The Park is served by a mostly paved single main road, which winds parallel to the forest and leads to picnic pavilions and 10 camper hookups. There are also four mineral springs, from which Bladon Springs draws its name. At one time the springs were the feature attraction for a renowned spa. That spa has been gone for several generations now, and the area is now very remote and quiet. This very solitude tends to leave the visitor an undisturbed audience with the many birds who call the park home.

The central portion of the park is forested with open mature pines and a few hardwoods with a mowed understory, while the park’s periphery features a dense hardwood canopy with a thick understory. Look for a good selection of “bottomland” warblers, other songbirds and woodpeckers (including Hairy and Pileated). Expect to see numerous Northern Parulas, Yellow-throated Warblers, Orchard Orioles, Eastern Wood-Pewees, and Summer Tanagers. There are White-eyed Vireos and Hooded Warblers, as well as Wood Thrushes, in the dense forest surrounding the main park road. The open central part of the park houses Eastern Bluebirds, a few Eastern Phoebes, and most of the typical species of city parks and suburbs (Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Brown Thrashers).

The Park is 25 miles from the nearest town (Grove Hill) and approximately 5 miles south of U.S. 84. Despite its lack of unique species or habitat types, it still richly deserves inclusion as one stop on a loop that includes Choctaw National Wildlife Reserve and Service Park (Coffeeville Lock and Dam Park.) Budget a couple of hours to bird the park, which is open from 7 am to sunset daily.

Directions: From the intersection of US-43 and US-84 in Grove Hill (Clarke County—fuel, food, and some lodging available) take Highway 84 west for 22.7 miles. Turn left on Bladon Road (CR-6) and follow for 3.6 miles. Turn right at the sign for the park onto Bladon Springs Road and continue for 2 miles. The entrance to the park is on the right.

GPS N 31.75408 W -88.205209

Bladon Springs State Park
3921 Bladon Rd.
Bladon Springs, AL 36919

Two local men are volunteering their time to keep open Bladon Springs Park which is now under county control. The park, which had been closed by the state due to budget cuts in 2016, is now under a lease agreement between the county and the state, giving Choctaw County responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the facility. Bladon Springs residents have stepped up to help in the effort, volunteering to open the park at 7am daily and close the gates at sundown.
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