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Nestled in a quiet corner of Heflin, Alabama, Cahulga Creek Park is a 176 acres of East Alabama natural beauty.  Winding through the Talladega National Forest, Cahulga Creek, named for the Cane Creek Native American tribe, feeds a 100 acre watershed lake in the beautiful Cahulga Creek Park.  Upon entering the park, visitors will experience a site naturally landscaped by the bordering Talladega National Forrest and rich with amenities- parking, bathrooms, picnic area, boat dock, viewing platform, hiking, and disc golf – creating an environment attractive for both novice and expert birders.  Northern Rough-winged Swallows can sometimes be seen soaring over the lake in summer, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Kingfishers are among the year-round birds. Northern Parula, Indigo Buntings and many other migrants can be seen here each spring and fall. Orchard Orioles, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, American Goldfinch and others may be seen in the wooded areas. Eastern Kingbirds enjoy the good sightlines in the Disc Golf Course area.

The Cahulga Creek Park and Watershed has various amenities that are readily available to anyone visiting the park. The roadway leading into the park is a paved roadway, which turns into a gravel road at the entrance. There is a sign at the entrance that clearly shows the entrance to the park. As you enter the park area you will see two restrooms on the right hand side at the entrance. These restrooms are maintained by the City of Heflin Parks and Recreation Department. There are designated parking spots for boats on the left hand side across from the concrete boat ramp on the right that leads into the Cahulga Creek Watershed.

Non-gas powered boats are allowed in the lake for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or just leisure boating. There’s a small fishing pier made out of composite wood and steel on the right hand side for fishing and viewing. The pier was built in 2008. Gravel parking is available near the pier, with a concrete sidewalk for access to the pier. A dusk to dawn light is located on the pier.

As you continue down the gravel roadway, you will see a wooden pavilion which includes 2 picnic tables. There is also an information sign at the pavilion for the disc golf course and tourist information for Cleburne County. Cleburne County maps are available at the Cleburne County interpretive panel sign. Parking is available at the pavilion.

Another great spot for birding is across the lake on Campbell Street; however, there is no parking there.

Cahulga Creek Park is home to Lake Point Disc Golf Course. This beautiful course has been referred to as the most scenic course in Alabama. It is an eighteen hole course that includes benches, tee pads and tee signs on each hole. In 2016, the course expanded to incorporate the wooded mountain that borders the Talladega National Forest. Heflin Parks and Recreation Department also purchased and installed new directional signs on each hole.

Cahulga Creek Park encompasses a one-hundred acre lake that is a favorite fishing spot to fisherman from surrounding counties. Fish weighing in at 6 pounds and up continue to grow the lake’s fishing reputation. Species in the lake include bass, blue-gill bream, catfish, and crappie.

The Park is also home to the Heflin Passport to Fitness Trail. This trail was a project developed by ADECA to promote fitness opportunities in Alabama. The start of The Lake Point Trail is on Heflin’s 18 hole Lake Point Disc Golf Course. The hiking trail is accessed by walking along the scenic Cahulga Creek dam surrounded by the lake on one side and spillway on the other. The trail meets an incline ascending a mountain that will border the Talladega National Forest for a mile. A bench and sign mark the end of the first mile. The trail is wooded and is intended to be a hiking trail not a walking trail. The Lake Point Trail is filled with wildlife such as deer, turkey, fox, and a wide variety of birds.

Finally, Cahulga Creek Park is home to Yoga on Saturday mornings in the warm months provided by Heflin Parks and Recreation Department.

The Cahulga Creek Park and Watershed was designed to provide water for the residents of Heflin and Cleburne County. It has been the main source of water since the early 60’s. The boat ramp was built in the 80’s and the park was updated in early 2000’s. There is a historical marker located up by the pavilion area that gives information on the watershed and dam including water storage, total storage, drainage area, water surface area, dam height, and volume of fill. The marker was placed there in 1972. The marker gives the names of local government officials during the construction.

Directions:Exit 199 I-20
Head north on Almon St 1.5 mi
Turn right onto US-78 E 0.8 mi
Turn left onto Owen Cir 322 ft
Turn left onto Oxford St 0.7 mi
Turn right onto Mountain St 0.4 mi309 Mountain St
Heflin, AL 36264


Exit 199 I-20
Head north on Almon St
1.5 mi
Turn right onto US-78 E
0.8 mi
Turn left onto Owen Cir
322 ft
Turn left onto Oxford St
0.7 mi
Turn right onto Mountain St
0.4 mi

309 Mountain St
Heflin, AL 36264

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