Kimbell Lake

Piney Woods, Western Loop | Clarke | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter

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Kimbell Lake’s hardwoods within the RV park and the understory around the margins are worthy of birding for Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Downy Woodpeckers, and Great Crested Flycatchers. Canoe Kimbell Lake and the tupelo and bald cypress swamps that surround it. In spring and early summer, multiple pairs of Red-bellied and Pileated woodpeckers fill the air with a cacophony of calls and drumming. Northern Parulas, Prothonotary Warblers, and Common Yellowthroats announce their presence with their distinctive and easily recognizable songs. Great Egrets and Great Blue and Little Blue herons stalk the swamps. And be sure to listen for the distinctive two-syllable “Na-ha” call of the Fish Crow.

During winter, spring, and early summer, it is possible to canoe/kayak from Kimbell Lake to Parker Lake and to other smaller unnamed lakes located southeast of Kimbell Lake. In late summer and fall and during periods of drought, this may not be possible. The maze of interconnected lakes can be tricky to navigate. A compass or GPS is recommended for those who want to explore the more remote areas reachable from this site.

This site offers access to the best example of tupelo and bald cypress swamp on the Piney Woods Birding Trail. The trees are second growth and have not yet achieved the size of the original forest. (Large stumps give testimony to the size of the virgin forest.)

Access: Free, open from 6:00 am until dusk

GPS: N 31°30.334’ / W 87° 54.777’

Contact: City of Jackson Parks and Recreation
PO Box 1096
Jackson, AL 36545

Phone: 251-246-2461

Amenities: Parking, Camping (RV hook-ups), Canoeing, Fishing



From Parker Lake, return to Alabama Highway 177. Turn right (south) and go 0.6 miles, right onto the unpaved road after the Kimbell Lake RV Park sign. Drive 100 feet and turn right into the RV park. Access to Kimbell Lake is at the back of the RV park.

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