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Lakepoint Resort State Park, on the north shore of Lake Eufaula, has a wide variety of habitats for birds, as well as many recreational opportunities for visitors, including fishing, boating, golf, swimming, and 5 miles of hiking trails. Before getting out on the trails, you can begin by surveying some key areas by car.  As you enter the park on Lakepoint Drive (AL 285) the 1st right turn (3rd Street) passes through grassy meadows, which are good for spotting winter sparrows, Eastern Meadowlarks, Eastern Bluebirds, and often loose flocks of wintering geese – usually Canada Geese, but occasionally White-fronted or Ross’ Geese as well. Watch for Loggerhead Shrikes. The Marina dominates the edge of the lake here, and the shoreline around the marina is a good place to look for wading birds.  You may also see Ospreys, which often nest in or near the parking lot.

To the east of the Marina, a sandy stretch of beach is the best spot to see shorebirds in the park. The open water of the lake beyond the beach is the best place to search for rafts of wintering waterfowl, gulls, and Forster’s Terns.

Continue eastward to the Park Lodge, where an open stand  of mature pines dominates the landscape. The woods have numerous Pine Warblers and Brown-headed Nuthatches, as well as Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers.

Return to Lakepoint Drive and turn right (east). In a little less than a mile there is a jeep trail on the right. Turn in and park here. There are water treatment lagoons directly in front – excellent for ducks in winter, Eastern Kingbirds in spring and summer, and for Loggerhead Shrikes all year. Look for Field and Chipping Sparrows in the fence row and thick grasses year-round, and for Song, White-throated, Savannah, and Fox Sparrows in winter. The river cane (Bamboo) thicket to the right and the trees above are excellent for migrants, and for breeding and wintering songbirds. This is a reliable location for Blue-headed Vireos in winter. The back side of the ponds is also very good for spotting songbirds at all times, apart from the hottest part of summer.

Return to Lakepoint Drive and proceed west, in the direction of to US 431. The golf course on the right may host perching or soaring hawks (and Mississippi Kites in the warm months). Note the large pond on the right as you come within sight of 431. There are often wading birds along the banks here, or wintering ducks on the water.

The last available right turn before US 431 transports the visitor to the picnic and camping areas. The tall open pines attract numerous Red-headed Woodpeckers, Eastern Bluebirds, Pine Warblers, and Brown-headed Nuthatches. Tangles along the park road can be productive for songbirds, particularly in winter.

GPS:  31.985877 -85.1087675

Lakepoint Resort State Park
104 Lakepoint Dr.
Eufaula, AL 36027
800-544-5253 or 334-687-8011


From the intersection of US 82 and US 431 in Eufaula, travel north on US 431 (N Eufaula Avenue) for 5.7 miles. Turn right (east) into the park at Lakepoint Drive.

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