Little River Canyon Center

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The Little River Canyon Center, open since 2009, is a Jacksonville State University building located in Northeast Alabama that adjoins the Little River Canyon National Preserve in the city of Fort Payne, AL. With a portion leased to the National Park Service and the staff of the Little River Canyon National Preserve, the facility features a Grand Hall, HD movie theater, gift shop, natural history library, exhibits, classrooms, back deck, outdoor amphitheater and trails for both education and adventure. It is available to rent for meetings, social gatherings, corporate retreats and other special events.

The Canyon Center features a regular schedule of programs that include concerts, workshops, hikes, lectures, and other activities for students of all ages. The building itself is educational as it is LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) registered structure that utilizes geothermal heating and cooling, recycled materials, added insulation and many other innovative and sustainable design elements.

From this open vantage point, check the skies above the canyon; you may see Red-tailed Hawks, and Black and Turkey vultures throughout the year. Broad-winged Hawks live in the area from spring to fall, and you can find almost any of the migratory birds of prey in spring and especially fall. Consider the Canyon Center to be an excellent “jumping off” point to explore the full preserve and to take a drive along the rim of the canyon, all the while watching for soaring hawks!

GPS: 34.3987365 -85.6343736

Canyon Center
Gateway to the Appalachian Highland Birding Trail

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