Bayfront Park

Coastal, Dauphin Island - Bayou La Batre Loop | Mobile | Best Seasons: Fall, Winter

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Bayfront Park has many species of local and migratory birds that visit in the spring and fall to take advantage of its fresh water and to shelter themselves among the trees and reeds. Brown Pelicans are ever-present, soaring on the wind-wave formed as bay breezes blow up against and over dense stands of pines. Gulls, terns and Double-crested Cormorants roost on the pilings. From the parking area, walk the boardwalk to an inland marsh. Look closely for Least Bittern and Clapper Rail. During fall and winter, Virginia Rail and Sora are regular, but secretive. Marsh Wren, Common Yellowthroat and Boat-tailed Grackle are also common.

DIRECTIONS: If following directions provided in the Coastal Birding Trail booklet, from the Dauphin Island water tower, proceed north on Le Moyne Drive (AL 193) across the bridge to the mainland, carefully driving and looking at the same time. Do not stop on the bridge, although the sandbars and shoals will be full of birds at low tide. Continue northward to Bayfront Park on the right (east) [7.7].

Bayfront Park is owned and managed by Mobile County Department of Parks and Recreation. There are picnic tables and public restrooms available.

GPS: N30.35748 W-88.11713

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