Bon Secour Bay

Coastal, South Baldwin County Loop | Baldwin | Best Seasons: Winter

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Bon Secour Bay is a contiguous bay sitting on the eastern edge of Mobile Bay.  Scan the bay and the small canal next to the parking lot for gulls and terns. In winter, look for Black-crowned Night Heron roosting in the oaks scattered about the area. Return along River Road, continuing past CR 10 to the eastern end. Park in an out- of-the-way location and walk to the shore where you can look northeast up the Bon Secour River. Please be sure not to trespass on private property, which includes all the piers along the river. In winter look for Hooded and Red-breasted Mergansers and Horned Grebe; Eared Grebe is also a possibility.

DIRECTIONS: Return east on US 98 back to Magnolia Springs and turn right (south) on CR 49 [8.5]. Proceed through the little village, crossing Magnolia River and continue south on CR 49. Where CR 49 eventually curves east [6.1], it will cross Skunk Bayou and continues eastward crossing CR 19 [1.4] to CR 10 [2.2]. Turn right (south) onto CR 10 and continue to River Road, the main street of Bon Secour. Turn right (west) a few hundred yards to the waterfront and a seafood wharf. Parking is available there.

GPS: N30.30164 W-87.73741

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