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Live Oak Cemetery in Selma is a stunning image of the old South- antebellum mausoleums and grave sites framed by row upon row of massive live oaks, all draped in Spanish moss. The mature hardwoods are spaced in such a way as to provide excellent sight-lines into the trees. The live oaks house an excellent variety of breeding birds, from Red-shouldered and Cooper’s Hawks to Barred Owls to various warblers, vireos, flycatchers, Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Summer Tanagers, and a good delegation of woodpeckers, including many Red-headed and a few Hairy.

Winter brings numerous Slate-colored Juncos, along with many White-throated, Chipping, and Song Sparrows to the open understory, and mixed-species feeding flocks of songbirds, such as winter finches, kinglets, sapsuckers, Brown Creepers, and Blue-headed Vireos to the canopy.  Note that there are two entrances from Dallas Avenue to the cemetery; one entrance to “old” Live Oak Cemetery, the other to “new” Live Oak Cemetery.

Many notable individuals are interred here, including William Rufus King, the only Alabamian ever to serve as the vice president of the United States. The cemetery grounds are beautifully maintained, and the roads through the cemetery allow easy navigation around the property. A visit here shouldn’t require more than a couple of hours, and could be paired with a stop at Bloch Park, located a half-mile west of the cemetery, also on Dallas Avenue (AL-22).

GPS: N 32.40511 W -87.032754

Live Oak Cemetery
300 Dallas Avenue
Selma, AL
(334) 874-2161


Live Oak Cemetery is located to the south side of Dallas Avenue, (AL-22) in the southwestern portion of downtown Selma. From the intersection of US-80 and AL-22, proceed .9 miles west and turn left into the cemetery. The address is 110 W. Dallas Avenue.

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