Pelican Point, Dauphin Island

Coastal, Dauphin Island - Bayou La Batre Loop | Mobile | Best Seasons: Fall, Spring

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Pelican Point provides an excellent view of the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Pass. Check the jetties around Pelican Point for shorebirds. Black- bellied Plover and Ruddy Turnstone are common. Gulls, terns and Brown Pelicans roost on the rcoks, along with Double-crested Cormorants. Marbled Godwit and Red Knot are fairly regular in spring along the shore. Bobolinks frequent the field and underbrush between the road and historic Fort Gaines during migration.

DIRECTIONS: If following directions provided in the Coastal Birding Trail booklet, continue eastward along Bienville Boulevard past the ferry landing. You may want to pause here for the restrooms and/ or look at the far shore for seabirds, waders and shorebirds. Ferry landings are always good for gulls and terns. Continue past the Dauphin Island Estuarium and on around the east end of Fort Gaines to the parking lot at the end of the road [0.9].

GPS: N30.24978 W-88.07608


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